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Auszüge aus Testberichten


(alphabetisch geordnet)

  • Al Falcon (UpTone Music Productions)
  • Cerwin Vega
  • Dan Armstrong
  • Doc Powell (Gitarrist Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Billy Ocean u.a.)
  • Doug Doppelt (Doppler-Effect)
  • Emagic
  • Farin Urlaub (Die Ärzte)
  • Helmut Bibl (Gitarrist Falco)
  • Jaco Pastorius
  • Pink Noise Studio
  • Mac Dougherty (Studiogitarrist, in vielen US-Fernsehproduktionen zu hören) - Quote:
    "As a veteran studio guitarist of over 1.500
     sessions & a Berklee grad., I can honestly
     swear that this EXEF Gear (PSE1000, Power Amp,
     and Controller are the best sounding, most
     versatile and most comprehensive system
     I've ever played. That's the reason I use
     them as the brain & the grunt for my
     studio rack."
  • "Major" Klaus Heuser (Bap)
  • Manni Holländer (Ina Deter Band)
  • Mark Boon (The Zoo)
  • Miko Weaver (Gitarrist Prince)- Quote:
    "I think, I know for a fact that the exef
     pre-amps are the most versatile amps on
     the market. I have used them religiously
     on the prince nude tour. If you want a
     very good and outstanding tone use exef
     - you will only then be a certified
     guitar player."
  • Peter Maffay Band
  • Peter Wohlbrandt (Kraan)
  • Panik Orchester
  • Rüdiger Veith (Dorian Gray Studio)
  • Starlight Express Musical
  • Wolf Hoffmann (Accept)
  • und viele andere

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